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Pouches & Bags - Cross-section of pipebags, strike-a-lites, token bags, utility pouches, etc. from a variety of Native American Indian cultures and time periods.

Moccasins - Examples dating from 1870-1960 ; all price ranges.

Beaded Dresses - Early examples from the Sioux and Nez Perce

Knife and Awl Cases - In Beadwork and/or quillwork

Shirts, Vests, Leggings

Pipes & Weaponry -peace pipes, pipe-tomahawks, bone knives, etc

Beaded Jewelry-includes belts, necklaces, hatbands, yokes, etc from the Plains, Plateau, Southwest and California cultures, etc.

Parfleches  --Painted rawhide envelopes and related rawhide (Plains and Plateau)

Beaded Dolls

All Other Beadwork - Beaded Saddle Blankets, parfleches, Beaded Trade Blankets, beaded cradles, etc. Anything that doesn't fit under the other categories.















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