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CONDITION INFORMATION --Definitions of terms used

Mint - In new or virtually new and undamaged condition.

Near Mint - Very minor restoration , very minor wear  or discoloration confined to generally small areas.  Overall impression and casual examination  is of a "mint"  condition piece but close and expert inspection reveals minor imperfections.

Excellent - Exhibiting more wear than near mint. May include minor professional  restorations ; very slight fading / staining/ discoloration due to wear. The overall condition though is sturdy and stable with no major thin / worn areas.  Appears "almost new" condition to casual observation but closer examination reveals slightly more wear than "near mint" examples. While brand new Navajo rugs have an expectation of being in mint condition, most of the best condition antique Navajo blankets and rugs (60-120+ years old) fall into this category.

Good - Exhibits more wear than excellent condition. Usually includes one or two but not all of the following conditions: more substantial but well-done restoration;  minor to moderate fading on one or both sides; corner /selvage wear (usually easily restorable if desired); restorable holes; restorable or semi-restorable  color run/staining.  Be sure to click on thumbnail photos to view large images. (Note: A very few rugs may be offered unrestored as they are either consigned or to meet the needs of those seeking less expensive but early and traditional examples. Restoration quotes are available.) Most wear should be observable in both the overall photo of the weaving as well as any close-ups or detailed photos and are usually noted in the description and are thoroughly detailed in email inquiry responses. )

Fair - Exhibits more wear than good condition weavings. Usually includes some unrestored damage or wear. May exhibit  some fading, staining or overall thinness in areas. Is usually priced at a fraction of the cost of a similar example in excellent condition and may meet the specific needs of those seeking rugs for rustic cabins, game rooms and other areas where condition is of lesser importance and price is a greater concern.

Poor - Usually not posted to website, we occasionally have examples that are heavily damaged or worn but may be suitable as "museum-type" exhibit as in an early shoulder blanket.  We also have some examples of rugs that may be "beyond restoration" but may have salvageable areas used for the making of sofa pillows , custom  jackets, purses and the like.


Pre-1900 includes early shoulder blankets, Transitional weavings and Germantowns-- historic pieces best suited for wall display in most cases. Very collectible; great investment examples.

1900-1940 Early Navajo rug period.  Versatile for floor use or wall display. Early hand spun Navajo sheep wool yarn, hand-carded gray and early hand-dying.  All regional styles (Two Grey Hills, J B Moore /Crystal, Hubbell/ Ganado/ Klagatoh, Teec Nos Pos/Red Mesa Outline); also yeis and pictorials, etc..  Superior early wools; these are very popular as investment-quality collectibles as well as for decorating homes and offices utilizing traditional period items.

1940-2001 Modern period weavings for wall and/or floor display. We  maintain an inventory covering most all regional styles in a variety of sizes from miniature to room-size.

 Always Buying Old / Antique American Indian Items : Navajo Rugs and Navajo Blankets,  Indian Baskets and other Native American Indian items!


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