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About Prehistoric Pottery:

Cultures and Regions Represented:

Prehistoric pottery (approximately 900-1400 A.D.) of the American Southwest including Anasazi, Hohokam, Salado and the other cultures that resided in various parts of Arizona and New Mexico as well as the "Four Corners" area were prolific potters making pottery both for their own utilitarian use (cooking, preparing, storing and serving food and water, etc.) as well as for trade to neighboring cultures.  Examples have been excavated by both amateur and professional archeologists throughout the southwest for at least 100 years. Most pots are found near the generational dwelling sites of the prehistoric peoples and in their middens (trash heaps) and storage areas. As these pots were regularly used for trade and commerce it is not unusual for a pot of one culture to have been found many hundreds of miles away in the territory of another prehistoric culture. Travel and trade was extensive even in these early periods of North American history.

ARPA Act of 1979

A signed and dated Statement of Release and Disclosure has been obtained from the prior owner (s) of each example of prehistoric pottery we offer specifically stating and affirming that the items have not been taken illegally from Federal Lands, public lands, state lands or Indian lands in violation of the Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979.

Whenever buying prehistoric pottery, collectors are advised to obtain a written statement from the seller that the example(s) was obtained in compliance with the ARPA act.

Documentation Provided with Purchase

A document of authenticity and appraisal, including the information of ARPA compliance, is available with each purchase.


Most examples of prehistoric pottery average 1,000 years old and typically found broken into several pieces, although an occasional piece may have been found intact or nearly so. While a fully intact example may bring a premium price, examples where most of the pieces have been found and the pot then restored can be nearly as collectible. (For example, the vast majority of large painted prehistoric ollas in public and private collections are restored to some degree ...and even a medium sized restored example may be much more valuable as a collectible than a small or "minor" example in "flawless" unbroken and original condition. A detailed description of condition is available by email request. (Please include the item number in your email. ) Internet orders may be examined and are refundable for up to seven days from delivery receipt.



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