Repair and Restoration of Navajo Rugs

-Professional Navajo Rug Repair (Many Options to Choose From)
-Professional Restoration & Re-weaving of Old and New Navajo Rugs & Navajo Blankets
-Holes, Corners, Ends, Selvage (sides), Selvage cords Repaired/Replaced
-Broken Warps & Interior Warp Damage Repaired
-Repair large and small holes, frays, wear
-Professional Restoration of both warp and weft available
-New Wool Yarn, custom-dyed to match your textile, and blended for best possible match

-Repairs are woven to be structurally as they were originally by back-twisting the yarn into the existing yarn of the rugs (no "patch"repairs)

-We ship insured UPS with tracking & delivery receipt.
-50% Deposit Required. Balance on Completion. Visa-MC-AX-Discover-PayPal
-(Checks accepted but cleared prior to shipping)

-Cost/Benefit analysis of repair options available

For a Free Estimate of the Cost to Repair your Navajo rug(s) please email photos of your rug (full view each side) plus measurements to us at