Navajo Rugs - Baskets - Beadwork - Kachinas - US Tribal Jewelry - SW Pueblo Pottery

We offer up to 3 Free Appraisals of traditional US tribal items such as we sell on our website.

We need clear, well-lit photos emailed to us at

If image sizes can be kept under 200kb per image that speeds things up considerably and helps assure your photos arrive and can be opened by us.

Please include measurements in inches and closeups of any damage.

Additional appraisals are available for $5 each for single line informal email appraisals. The $5 appraisals are suitable for most collectors, however we also offer formal appraisal documents, formatted, and on letterhead (suitable for insurance, archival, research or resale purposes) which are available for an additional fee (fees may be paid to us by credit card through our PayPal account which is External link opens in new tab or

If you prefer to send by USPS mail rather than email you may send to us at:

Len Wood's Indian Territory Gallery

36 Argonaut, Suite 120

Aliso Viejo CA 92656

Please include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

and if seeking more than 3 appraisals please include a check for $5. per each additional item