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 *** 46th Anniversary 1969-2015 of our American Indian Art Gallery now located in Aliso Viejo, California ***

Nation's largest selection of Antique American Indian Art,  Navajo Rugs and Navajo Blankets and old antique American Indian baskets

Jeff Wood, President ; Len Wood, Founder (Retired)

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We Buy and Sell Estate Collections of Antique American Indian Art


NEW ADDRESS : 36 Argonaut, Suite 120 , Aliso Viejo CA 92656 Open Mon-Fri 11-4 By Appointment Only ; Online Catalog/Shopping Cart Open 24/7




Len Wood's
Indian Territory, Inc.

Jeff Wood, President
The Nation's largest

selection of Navajo Rugs, Indian Baskets and Antique

American Indian Art


Len Wood's

36 Argonaut , Suite 120

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
phone: (949) 497-5747 
orders: (800) 579-0860
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 phone orders Mon-Fri

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We Buy American Indian Art Collections

We are the Nation's Largest Buyer & Consignor of

Antique (Pre-1930) American Indian Baskets & Navajo Rugs!

email:    phone: (800) 579-0860 toll-free (gallery hours11-5 Pacific Time)  

We Purchase Old Navajo Rugs, Indian Baskets, Pueblo Pottery, Indian Beadwork & More!



Len Wood's Indian Territory buys all American Indian art items of quality with a special interest in pre-1940 American Indian art and artifacts.

Please send photos for free no obligation offers of purchase. (Consignment offer to net owners an amount greater than purchase offer is also available to interested Sellers. Sellers are invited to request both offers for Seller to consider.)

We buy ALL American Indian made items with special interest in the following:


Navajo Rugs & Blankets

Pueblo Pottery

Indian Beadwork

Indian Jewelry

Old Pawn Jewelry (Pre-1940)

Hopi Kachinas

Zuni stone carvings

Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts

All Quality American Indian Items !

Any Navajo weaving in Any Condition considered.....


Navajo Blankets / Blanket

Navajo Classic Blankets

Navajo Serapes

Navajo Chiefs Blankets

Navajo Regional Rugs / Rug

Ganado / Ganados

Klagatoh  /Klagatohs

Two Grey Hills / Two Gray Hills

Two Grey Hills Tapestry / Tapestries

Teec Nos Pos / Red Mesa

J B Moore Crystal

Yeis & Pictorials

Sandpainting Rugs

Saddle Blankets

Room-sized Navajo Rugs

Pueblo Pottery / Pots / Pot

San Ildefonso Pottery

Maria Martinez

Marie & Julian

Maria & Popovi

Marie & Santana

Popovi Da

Toni Da

Santa Clara Pottery

Margaret Tafoya

Joseph Lonewolf

Helen Shupla

Teresita Naranjo

Blue Corn

Hopi Pottery

Nampeyo of Hano / Old Lady Nampeyo

Fannie Nampeyo

Dextra Nampeyo

Frogwoman / Joy Navasie

Featherwoman / Helen Naha

Acoma Pueblo Pottery

Lucy Lewis / Lucy M. Lewis

Historic Pueblo Pottery

All forms- All time periods

Zia Pueblo Indian Pottery

Zuni Pueblo Indian Pottery


Santo Domingo


San Ildephonso / San Ildefonso




OLD Turquoise Jewelry Wanted


Hopi , Zuni , Navajo jewelry

Bisbee Turquoise

#8 Spiderweb Turquoise

Lone Mountain Turquoise

C G Wallace

Blue Gem Turquoise

Coin Silver Jewelry

Old Pawn / Dead Pawn / Antique

Antique / Pre-1940 Indian Jewelry

Charles Loloma jewelry



Northwest Coast artifacts

with special interest in pre-1940

wood carvings (masks, totemic bowls, bentwood boxes, rattles etc)

Tlingit, Kwakiutl, Haida, all Northwest native Indian cultures. Argillite.


We are the

Nation's Largest Buyer & Consignor of

Antique (Pre-1930) American Indian Baskets &

Navajo Rugs!

email:    phone:

(800) 579-0860 toll-free (gallery hours11-5 Pacific Time)  

Selling Your Collection of American Indian Art

Len Wood's Indian Territory gallery purchases individual items as well as entire collections.

You are welcome to send us photos of your American Indian art items for sale. Please send by email or regular email (details follow below). Or if you would like to speak to us by phone , call us

 toll-free at:

 (800) 579-0860

Tuesdays-Saturdays 10-5 Pacific Time

To Send Photos of your collection to us for our offers by Email:

***If possible, using your photo software, try to size photos somewhere about the size of a 5"x7" image and with a resolution of about 72 pixels per inch. Be sure to save a copy of your image as a .jpg extension file so that when you attach your image to an email to us it reads: "yourimagename.jpg" (without the quote marks).


Send photos, artifact dimensions and artifact's condition information (damage info required for accurate offers), and your contact information (phone, address and email address) to us at:

Len Wood's Indian Territory Gallery

305 North Coast Hwy., #D

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

* If mailing by "regular mail" PLEASE enclose Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if you need photos returned and Please include your email address for the purchase offers.  Thank you!

Free no obligation offers of both purchase and consignment (higher offer) are available. Simply mail or e-mail the following:

1. Clear photos***(photo format details below) of artifacts (rugs, baskets, pottery, beadwork etc.) you seek offers on. (Close-up photos etc. where applicable)

2. Artifact dimensions in inches (length and width (or diameter) ; also add height where applicable; (circumference is not needed)

3. Please note any damage of any kind for an accurate offer.

4. Your contact information. Daytime or message phone number; mailing address and e-mail address.

5. Please indicate whether you wish purchase offers , consignment (higher offer, but paid upon item's sale) or both.




We buy Old Indian Baskets

Pre-1940 Indian Baskets

Antique / Old Indian Baskets

Estate Collections

Private Collections

Museum De-acquisitions

Including but not limited to the following:

California Indian Baskets / Basket

Mission Indian Baskets / Basket

Chumash Indian Baskets / Basket

Cahuilla Indian Baskets / Basket

Serrano Indian Baskets / Basket

Kumeyaay Indian Baskets / Basket

Yokuts Indian Baskets / Basket

Maidu Indian Baskets / Basket

Pomo Indian Baskets / Basket

Hupa Indian Baskets / Basket

Yurok Indian Baskets / Basket

Karok Indian Baskets / Basket

Pit River Indian Baskets / Basket

Pomo Indian Baskets / Basket

Miwok Indian Baskets / Basket

Lucy Telles (1885-1955)

Mono Indian Baskets / Basket

Mono Lake Paiute Indian Baskets

Carrie Bethel (1898-1974)

Nellie Charlie (1867-1965)

Tina Charlie (1869-1962)

Leanna Tom (1850-1965)

Paiute Indian Baskets / Basket

Indian Baskets / Basket

Indian Baskets / Basket

Maidu Indian Baskets / Basket

Nevada  Indian Baskets / Basket

Chemehuevi Indian Baskets, Basket

Panamint Indian Baskets / Basket

Washo Indian Baskets / Basket

Washoe Indian Baskets / Basket

Dat So La Lee,  Louisa Keyser,

Datsolalee, Emporium baskets

Datsolale, Abe Cohn

Tootsie Dick, Tootsie Dick Sam

Scees Bryant

Pacific Northwest Coast Baskets

Tlingit baskets

Haida baskets

Baleen baskets


Hopi kachinas -- ALL TIME PERIODS

With Special interest in

19th century kachinas

Pre-1940 Hopi Kachinas

Also seeking fine estate collection examples (1970 or earlier through newly made) by these contemporary carvers:
Cecil Calnimptewa
Alfred Lomahquahu

Marlin Pinto
Arthur Holmes Jr.
Kevin Pochoema
Ronald Honyouti
Lawrence Dallas

Plains Indian Beadwork / Quillwork

Plateau Indian Beadwork

Great Lakes Indian Beadwork

Sioux / Dakota / Lakota





Nez Perce

Cree / Métis


All traditional American Indian beaded or quill items made prior to 1940

Early tools, decorative items, stone artifacts, weapons, hunting and fishing related items, food preparation tools, etc.


Indian -RELATED (but not Indian made)  Items of Interest

Edward S. Curtis photogravures


Pre-1940 California and Southwest oil paintings (CA or SW landscapes, pueblo village scenes or American Indian related ONLY) Must be signed by artist.


Pre-1940 Oil Paintings of American Indian related subject matter. Must be signed by artist.


Books & Printed Materials :

Pre-1970 Books on American Indian art or cultures in Good condition


We are the Nation's Largest Buyer & Consignor of

Antique (Pre-1930) American Indian Baskets &

Navajo Rugs!

email:    phone:

(800) 579-0860 toll-free

(gallery hours11-5 Pacific Time)  

 Always Buying Old / Antique American Indian Items : Navajo Rugs and Navajo Blankets,  Indian Baskets and other Native American Indian items!


(Please note that all items are subject to availability and that prices are subject to change without notice. Photos and information may be re-used with email or written permission only. (Email:  Websites are free to link to this page or any pages on our site but may not copy and publish any photos or information on their sites without email or written authorization from Len Wood's Indian Territory.    Thank you.)

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