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Nation's largest selection of Antique American Indian Art,  Navajo Rugs and Navajo Blankets and old antique American Indian baskets

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Jeff Wood, President
The Nation's largest

selection of Navajo Rugs, Indian Baskets and Antique

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*New Feature* How to Use Our Online Catalog (A Fully Illustrated Guide!)Detailed photo instructions on how to use our Online Catalog which features more than 3,000 antique and contemporary traditional North American Indian art and artifact items.

Map of North American Indian Tribes  c1500-1850

Navajo Rugs & Navajo Blankets & All Navajo Textiles / Weavings : Photos, information and prices on more than 200 Navajo blankets and rugs from our current inventory.  Additional items --not yet published to this site-- are available as custom photos sent to your email.  Please send your weaving preferences (price range, size range, style etc.) to us at

Non-Navajo Weavings: Ideal for decorating and a functional low cost alternative to our investment-grade collectible Navajo blankets and rugs.

Indian Baskets : Antique Baskets (circa 1870-1930) from more than fifty Western tribes including Apache, Pima, Mission, Washo, Yokuts, Panamint, Chemehuevi, Pomo, Maidu, Yurok, Hupa, Tlingit and more!

Pueblo Pottery : 19th and 20th century pueblo pottery from Acoma, Hopi, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Cochiti, Tesuque, Santo Domingo, Zia and Zuni pueblos including famous matriarch examples by Maria Martinez , Margaret Tafoya, Fannie Nampeyo, Helen Shupla, and many others.

Antique Beadwork and Quillwork from the Plains and Plateau cultures, Great Lakes and other regions. Museum-quality 19th century examples of clothing , weaponry, tools and artifacts as well as some early to mid 20th century items.

Hopi Kachinas: Hand-carved (usually with pocket knife and exacto razor blade) from aged and seasoned cottonwood root --the traditional material of their ancestors-- we carry only authentic Hopi kachinas: modern and mid -20th century and sometimes antique. Many of the modern examples are carved from what is predominantly a single continuous piece of cottonwood root and show exquisite detail, motion and action in the carving.  All modern examples are signed by the Hopi carver.

Northwest Coast: Wood, steatite and fossilized walrus and mammoth ivory artifacts and related.  Note: Northwest *basketry* is in our basketry section.

Southwest Jewelry: Features hand-made antique ("old pawn") and contemporary jewelry of the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni cultures of Arizona and New Mexico.  All silver is sterling (.925) silver unless specifically noted otherwise.

Flat Art-Paintings, etc includes original oils and watercolors, lithographs, pen and ink, photogravures, etc.

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Spotlight Artifacts: Featured items from our current inventory--including rare and fine items of special note; (note: we do have many additional items in our gallery that are not published on our website and encourage collector inquiries.)

New Acquisitions: Recently acquired items that are also recently published to our website.

Gallery Tour:  Photo tour of front and back galleries at Len Wood's Indian Territory.  The gallery is located on Pacific Coast Hwy., one block north of Main Beach in the seaside art community of Laguna Beach, California adjacent to the Laguna Art Museum. (Address: Indian Territory gallery, 305 North Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, CA 92651. )

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