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Navajo Rug Cleaning, Repair & Restoration


Antique & Modern Navajo Rugs


Navajo Rug Services:

We Buy, Sell,  Clean, Restore & Appraise

Navajo Rugs & Old Navajo Rugs

We provide our Navajo rug cleaning & restoration options, free estimates, cost/benefit analysis, advice & YOU CHOOSE !

Free Appraisals of Your Navajo Rugs

Formal Archival / Insurance Documentation Available for Modest Fee

Classic Blankets / Weavings Owners: Spectrophotometry Testing (Dye Testing) Available

Professional Navajo Rug Cleaning, De-bleeding, Stain Removal, Repair & Restoration

Blocking / Shaping Available, Free Cost & Benefit Analysis for Cleaning & Restoration Jobs

Upon Your Request we are happy to make both Outright Purchase Offers (paid immediately upon our receipt of your rug and completed purchase contract and verification of your rug's value) as well as consignment offers (you receive more money but are paid upon sale). Please let us know you would like  Free No Obligation Offers of BOTH Purchase & Consignment for you to consider.


Navajo Rug Cleaning

(Option 1 : "Normal" Handwash )


Since 1969, we have cleaned & restored thousands of Navajo Blankets & Navajo Rugs (pre-1860 to Modern) for owners, collectors and other dealers !


Please email us photos and measurements of your rugs for

FREE ESTIMATES of cleaning and restoration.


Both Professional Normal Hand Wash (fast and cost effective for most Navajo rug cleaning needs and normal dirt cleaning needs) & Specialty Oxygenating Hand Wash (Best cleaning option for color run or any staining) of Navajo Rugs are  AVAILABLE. We will discuss and advise costs and projected results and You Choose what best meets your needs.



Cleaning Details

Cold Water Wash & Gentle Hand-Scrubbing to preserve Wool Texture & Color

Mordants & Dye Setting to Prevent or Reduce Dye Color Loss

Specialized Navajo Rug Cleaning Chemicals & Enzymes to get Rugs their Cleanest

Moth-"Proofing" Chemical Utilized During Washing

Fast Drying Techniques to get Most Water out Quickly

Air Drying for Freshness & Eliminate Balance of Moisture

Professional Blocking to Keep Rug's Shape

Quality Cleaning at Competitive Prices

2-3 Week Turnaround time on Most Straight Cleaning Jobs

Ship to Us from Anywhere in U.S.--Return Shipment Sent UPS Insured

Storing Navajo Rugs

Keep Your Navajo Rugs Dry & Preferably rolled and kept in a closet or storage area inside your home - Most storage damage occurs in garages or storage sheds subject to extreme weather, insects, etc.


A cedar chest is ideal. For long term storage a few mothballs kept in a cheesecloth and stored with the rugs but not touching your Navajo rugs, will help deter insects. 



**Protect Your Investment: NEVER "DRY CLEAN" NAVAJO RUGS--Old or New**


Navajo Rugs  -

Stain Removal

(Option 2 : "Specialty Clean")


De-Bleeding Available*

(Improve or Remove Color Run)

"Pet Stains" (Urine)

Removal Available*


Our Stain Removal Specialists use the latest advanced Sun-activated Oxidation Cleaning Techniques to Remove or Improve Even Decades Old or Century - Old Stains!


Handwashing the Navajo rugs in multiple baths and carefully removing spots and stains while leaving the integrity of both the wool and dyes intact, Our Specialty Clean restores brightness to colors, removes grey dinginess from white areas, and removes or improves all stains including tough color run and pet stains (urine).



Free Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

We estimate your Navajo rug's value before & after cleaning and/or repair and then advise you regarding the best course of "cost versus benefit" action. We provide recommendations based upon the rug's value


Free Appraisals  /

 Artifact Documentation


Both free appraisals (informal verbal or emailed appraisal) as well as  professional artifact documentation (formal appraisal document preparation available for modest fee) are available and can be included with your rug cleaning or restoration job.


Professional Navajo Rug Appraisal Documentation (two copies of a highly detailed, formatted, signed and dated document suitable for all insurance and archival purposes) can be prepared and included with your rug cleaning or restoration for a nominal fee. Please inquire when sending Navajo rug photos in for your free cleaning and repair estimate if you are interested in  formal insurance appraisal documentation of your collection.

We can estimate what results can be expected and time periods involved in repair

Available upon Request: Insurance Appraisals, Cash & Consignment Offers

Call, write or e-mail for estimate (photos allow for more accurate estimates).

Shipping & Payment

We ship insured UPS with tracking & delivery receipt.

50% Deposit Required. Balance on Completion. Visa-MC-AX-Discover

(Checks accepted but cleared prior to shipping)

Professional Navajo Rug Repair

(Many Options to Choose From)

Professional Restoration &      Re-weaving of Old / Antique Navajo Rugs & Navajo Blankets

Holes, Corners, Ends, Selvage (sides), Selvage cords Repaired/Replaced

Broken Warps & Interior Damage Repaired

Repair large and small holes, frays, wear

Professional Restoration of both warp and weft available

New Wool Yarn, custom-dyed to match your textile, and blended for best possible match

Specialty Restoration Available for tapestry weavings and other ultrafine or rare examples requiring extraordinary care

Navajo Rug Blocking / Shaping Available

Protect Your Investment

Repairs Now Will Save Larger Repairs Later

Free Estimates

E - Mail Quotes -- We need:

  • E- Photos of Item - All relevant angles including close-ups of damaged areas (preferably with ruler visible in photo)

  • Description of Damage that is not clearly visible (thin areas, moth holes, stains that don't show up well in your photos etc)

  • Measurement of the rug and measurements of each damaged area (OR Ruler in photos next to the damage)

by e-mail to:

 Mail Quotes -- We need:

  • Photos of Item - All relevant angles including damaged areas

  • Description of Damage

  • Relevant measurements

  • Important: Please include your ADDRESS & Daytime Phone

    Len Wood's Indian Territory, Inc.305 North Coast Hwy., #D Laguna Beach, CA 92651


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